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 Return to Play Modified Programming - 2020 Fall Season
Program Details & Fees


Recently the Ontario Hockey Federation and OMHA have released their “Return to Hockey” Stage 3 plans which provide further detail to seasonal structure and game play for the upcoming season.

Key Highlights of Stage 3 programming:

·        No tryouts of any kind. Tier and Team formation will be based on the level of competition the players played last season.

·        No travel hockey or “Rep” hockey. Programming is based on player residency except for the provisions allowed under the “Non-Resident Player” rules.

·        Modified Programming (not traditional 5-on-5). 

·        No contact hockey.


OMHA has introduced an entirely new set of guidelines aimed at player safety, while allowing hockey to return in some form. We are working closely with OMHA, other local associations, and the Town of Amherstburg to try to provide the best programming possible, while meeting the additional safety requirements imposed.

We want to emphasize that any programming offered is subject to various approvals, and subject to change. The process is evolving, and we at Amherstburg Minor Hockey are doing our best to stay current with the demands from OHF and OMHA, while providing the best programming possible. As such, programming for specific Tiers and/or Divisions may be revised from the tentative model shown below to accommodate future changes, additional safety precautions, various stages of approval, and enrollment numbers.




1. All players looking to participate in the 2020 Fall Season and the programming outlined below are to be registered by Friday, September 11th, 2020 to ensure a position on a team. Any player not registered by September 11th, 2020 will be placed on a waiting list and will not be guaranteed a spot in the 2020 Fall Season.


2. ANY PLAYERS PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED IN THE AMHA SYSTEM (BETWEEN APRIL 2020 TO NOW), WILL NEED TO RE-REGISTER AT THIS TIME. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, due to the limitations of the Hockey Canada online system, this is the only option to ensure that proper registration and payments are established.


3. When registering, players will be asked their level of play from last season. In accordance with OMHA guidelines, the level of play from last season will determine where the players will be placed for this “Fall Season”. “Travel” players will be placed in “Tier 1”, and “Houseleague”  players placed in “Tier 2”. AMHA will do our best to make the Tiers and teams competitive, however, players may be moved to different Tiers, at the discretion of AMHA, based on number of registrants and level of competition.  NOTE: If you do not register in the appropriate Tier based on last year’s level of play, you will be placed on the waiting list for the appropriate Tier. Please ensure to select the appropriate Tier of hockey played last year (Tier 1 – Travel, Tier 2 – Houseleague) when completing your registration.

The first 20 players that register for Tier 1 and the first 40 registrants in Tier 2, in each division, will be guaranteed a place on a team/roster. Any player registered after these limits, will be placed on a waiting list, pending an appropriate number of registrants to make additional teams viable.

Programming is tentatively based on an approximate number of registrants per division and could change depending on actual number of registrants.

Teams are to be made up of a maximum of 10 players (9 skaters and 1 goalie), with modified gameplay as described below.

Pricing below does NOT include jerseys, as jerseys will not be provided for either Tier. Parents are expected to provide their children with 2 jerseys (1 white, 1 dark/non-white) for all age groups, and each Tier.

8. OMHA is allowing “Non-Resident Players” (NRP) to return to the center where they were enrolled last season, if they so choose. However, the Associations can reject NRPs at their discretion for this “Fall Season”. Players are encouraged to contact the Association where they played last year to confirm if they are accepting “NRP” players for this “Fall Season”.  If players are returning to their NRP association and not Amherstburg, they do not need to register with AMHA.

9. AAA players returning to their AAA association do not need to register with AMHA.

10. Midget/Juvenile registration is on hold pending OMHA revised programming. We expect further direction from OMHA in the coming weeks for these divisions.  





·        11 Week Season beginning Sept 28th and ending Dec 20th, 2020
o   Tier 1 (Rep/Travel): Three (3) 50 min ice slots per week. 33 ice-times in total.

    • Tier 2 (Houseleague): Two (2) 50 min ice slots per week. 22 ice-times in total
  • First 2 weeks of the season are to be Development Sessions only.
  • Remaining 9 weeks will include modified gameplay for one ice time per week (4 on 4 being proposed for U10-U15 (Atom-Bantam))
  • Competition will be Tiered based on 2019-20 rosters (Rep/Travel or Local League) in accordance with OMHA directives. A potential cohort with a neighbouring center to allow more competitive play is currently being reviewed.
  • U6-U9 (PreSchool-Novice Major) will follow a plan similar to pre-COVID programming, with cross-ice play, as mandated by OMHA.  
  • Any/all plans are currently being reviewed by OMHA and require OMHA approval prior to implementation.



1.    At the time of registration, there will be payment options, which include payment in full, money order, or payment installments. The payment installments will require an initial payment, with subsequent payments being scheduled for September 15th, 2020, and October 13th, 2020.


2.    All registrants will be charged the lesser (Tier 2) value upon registration. Players playing in Tier 1 will be required to pay the remaining value, once teams and rosters have been established.


3.    Any players who have previously paid, and still have the $100 credit towards their account will be contacted by AMHA, to review the options for incorporating this credit.












(Novice Minor)

(Novice Major)

(Atom Minor & Major)

(Peewee Minor & Major)

(Bantam Minor & Major)

Birth Year

2015 - 2017




2010 - 2011

2008 - 2009

2006 - 2007

Tier 1 Fees*








Tier 2 Fees*












1. Fees are approximate, and programming requires approvals from OMHA & Public Health Unit prior to implementation.

2. Tier 1 programming is dependent upon approved co-horting with LaSalle Minor Hockey.
3. The above approximate fees only cover the 2020 Fall Season, ending December 20th, 2020. Any programming offered after this date is being reviewed by OMHA, and further information is expected at a later date

4. Programming offered may be revised to match enrollment, to maximize usage of ice-time, and/or due to required approvals.

5. Due to the uncertainty and numerous approvals required, Amherstburg Minor Hockey Associated (AMHA) reserves the right to limit enrollment to 20 players in Tier 1, and 40 players in Tier 2, per division. However, AMHA will do their best to accommodate all registrants.





All players who have registered in the past and all coaches who have received prior certifications, have a profile in the Hockey Canada database. It is important that you do not create duplicate profiles in the system when registering. If you have difficulties during the registration process where you cannot find your existing profile, please email the Registrar for assistance at [email protected].







1)     NEW PLAYERS OLDER THAN 8 YEARS OLD - All Players older than 8 years old (who have never previously registered in another hockey association) are not permitted to register until they have been setup with a profile. In order to do this, send the name of the player, players address, their date of birth, a picture of the player’s birth certificate and confirmation that the player has not previously played organized hockey; to the Registrar at [email protected].


1)     BIRTH CERTIFICATES - All players newly registering with AMHA must send a picture of the player’s birth certificate to the Registrar at [email protected].


2)     RESPECT IN SPORT PARENT PROGRAM - All players must have a parent / guardian who has completed the Respect in Sport Parent Program in order to participate in any AMHA activities.

a.      For Parents that have never completed the course;

             i.     Follow this link to take the Course,

             ii.    There is an additional fee that is required to take the course.

             iii.   Course takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete.

b.     For Parents that have previously taken the course for another child;

               i.   You are not required to retake the course but you must add your new player to                                                                   your profile.

               ii.  Follow this link to take the Course,

               iii.  Select PROFILE.

               iv.   Select CHILD MANAGEMENT

               v.    Select ADD CHILD

               vi.  Notify the Registrar at [email protected] that you have completed the course for                                 your new player. Please confirm the players name in the email.





CREDIT CARD - The credit card option is selected at the time of registration. The credit card option allows for a payment schedule where an initial payment is made at the time of registration and the remaining payments are made on June 15th, July 15th, and August 15th (equal payments on these dates).  NOTE: Anyone who used the payment schedule option, and their credit card is no longer valid (expired or canceled) before the final payment MUST contact the Registrar at [email protected] to provide new credit card information.


MONEY ORDER – The money order option is selected at the time of registration. The money order option is typically used for those families receiving financial assistance. The money order option requires payment of certified cheque or money order through mail. Payments should be made out to Amherstburg Minor Hockey Assoc., PO Box 246, Amherstburg, ON N9V 3Z4. 


FINANCIAL HARDSHIP - If you believe you have a case of financial hardship, you may contact Amherstburg Community Services and they will determine based upon your prior year tax return if you qualify for assistance. Please Contact the Registrar at [email protected] and the Treasurer at [email protected] if you are completing a registration that is subsidized by a community service group. 


REGISTRATION QUESTIONS OR DIFFICULTIES - Contact the Registrar at [email protected] or the Treasurer at [email protected].






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